A win for the sensible, practical and fair

MIGA devotes much time in its advocacy work to keeping your professional regulation sensible, practical and fair. A recent win for MIGA’s advocacy is the Australian Health Ministers’ decision not to pursue very significant changes to professional regulation.

MIGA claims support & services for doctors

At MIGA we constantly strive to provide outstanding advice, service and support to our doctors. This is crucial in the circumstance where the doctor is the subject of a claim for compensation. When this occurs doctors usually are moving into a totally unknown environment, so it is vital that the MIGA claim solicitors are there with you every step of the way.

Smile for the camera – Recording and live streaming medical consultations

What do you do if your patient or their family/friend start recording a consultation or ward round in the hospital? Is that legal and can you ask them to stop? Explore the competing considerations and learn about some practical solutions.

Featured Articles

Treating practitioner mandatory reporting reforms beginning soon

Long-awaited reforms to treating practitioner mandatory reporting are expected to begin over the next couple of months in all States and Territories except Western Australia. Treating practitioners will only be required to make a mandatory report about their practitioner-patient in the certain circumstances.

You can’t pour from an empty cup!

Looking back, we encouraged you all to use 2019 as the ‘year of supporting yourself’. Did you make any changes – big or small? We hope you did, because suddenly 2020 is here and it could be a tough one. The year has started with unprecedented devastation and tragedy around our country. Some of you may have been personally touched by these events, but many more of you will feel the strain of living and working in communities that have been severely impacted.

Risk management for healthcare companies – Common themes and findings

MIGA’s Risk Management team undertakes many risk management reviews to assist healthcare businesses identify gaps or risks in their admin policies and procedures that could cause or contribute to complaints or claims being made against the company.

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