Performing at your peak – Looking after yourself

Just like an elite athlete, giving your best performance means maintaining a healthy body and mind. Not so easily achieved with the stressors of the modern workplace.

Privacy questions answered

Health service providers have an obligation to protect the personal and sensitive information of individuals. Queries about privacy and confidentiality of patient medical records are the most frequent enquiry to our Claims and Legal Services team. So what do you need to know?

HealthEngine – The next chapter

We reported in our August 2018 Bulletin the controversy surrounding HealthEngine, the largest online health directory, in relation to data sharing of patient information with third party providers. Unfortunately the already unwanted attention has not dissipated for HealthEngine.

Featured Articles

Advancing the boundaries of medicine, safely

Medicine is ever evolving. This is generally a good thing for doctors, patients and the community but it creates challenges around what is “appropriate evolution”, including the evidence for it.

Midwives snapshot: Coping with isolation

When Cheryl first set up her own practice as a midwife it was tough. There were no mechanisms in place to support her and she was reluctant and embarrassed to share her feelings.

‘Baby you can drive my car’ – Expectations vs reality

Imagine your child has finished their final academic year and received some good results. You’ve decided to reward their efforts in a practical way.

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