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One of the things that is so special about MIGA is our dedication to providing you with personal service, be that from your own dedicated Client Services Officer in relation to your insurance cover, risk management education and advice from our Risk Services team, or support from our team in relation to medico-legal matters or claims. The bottom line is that we recognise you are an individual and we are here to provide you with the help, guidance, advice and assistance you need.

That’s not true! To sue or not…

Every other week we read about a public figure suing a media outlet for defamation, seeking to vindicate their eminent reputation following something that has been said in a national newspaper, on the six o’clock news or on commercial radio.

Navigating the legalities of medicine

The Claims Team at MIGA receive in excess of 3,000 calls per annum for advice. These are generally contacts from members and clients where there is no claim for compensation or complaint, but help or advice is needed to sort a medico-legal problem. Here are a few examples.

Featured Articles

Two very different ‘M’s which affect you

Two very different ‘M’s, mandatory reporting for treating doctors and Medicare’s Shared Debt Recovery Scheme, are important issues which MIGA is at the forefront of dealing with through its advocacy work.

Midwives – Testimonials in advertising, are you at risk of breaching the law?

It can feel like a tough balancing act to promote your business but not run afoul of AHPRA’s Guidelines. The nature of advertising means that often complaints to AHPRA come from clients, whose expectations have not been managed.

“Treating Miss Daisy” – did we treat this elderly patient well?

MIGA’s Hypotheticals always entertain as well as inform. Lively audience participation ensure their success. In the climate of the Royal Commission into Aged Care (announced during the course of the 8 hypothetical events), this topic was very timely. So how did we do? Here’s what you said.

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