MIGA anniversary

On the 21st of December MIGA marks 120 years of service to the healthcare profession. It is a significant milestone and provides an opportunity to contemplate our roots, to celebrate the relationships we have nurtured and to reflect on the values that have sustained us.

Opioids – changes are coming…

According to the latest Penington Institute figures, there were 904 unintentional overdose deaths involving opioids in Australia in 2017, and opioids are the most common element in unintentional overdose death, trebling in the last 10 years.

Terminating an employee for misconduct or serious misconduct? – Proceed with caution!

No matter how serious an employee’s conduct may appear, employers need to be mindful of the steps they should consider taking to avoid facing an unfair dismissal claim, general protections claim, discrimination/equal opportunity claim, breach of contract claim or workers’ compensation claim.

Featured Articles

Privacy update

In September 2019, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) released a “Guide to health privacy” document, which provides a useful summary of “key concepts” in this area and clarifies a number of relevant privacy issues for our members.

Is your business prepared for a bushfire?

Too often people unfortunately seek comfort in the belief that “it could never happen to me”. Yet insurance claims reported tell us otherwise. They remind us that businesses suffer losses every day.

Does your practice need its own health check?

MIGA’s Practice Risk Assessment is an opportunity to have a one on one discussion with Megan Sheldon our Education Risk Advisor, to identify gaps in your practice’s policies and procedures that may contribute to potential claims and complaints.

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