As the New Year commences it is inevitable that thoughts turn to plans for the year ahead.

How will it be different from last year? What do you want to change and how will you change it? It’s the perfect time to review, reflect and make a plan.

But it isn’t necessarily that easy. Sometimes we need some help – a framework, some challenging questions or an alternate perspective that launches thoughts of new ideas and possibilities for our future.

Opportunity knocks!! The MIGA Plus Business Education Course information for 2018 is now available!
Offered through our partnership with The Private Practice, we hope the courses outlined for the coming year will inspire you to commit to some personal education that helps you achieve your dreams. Tailored to medical practices, the courses encourage you to review your practice operations and help you plan and implement strategies that can drive future growth and efficiency, no matter the stage of your professional life.

The best part is that as an MIGA member you can access these courses at the special discounted fee of only $330.   A huge saving of up to $1,815!!   Simply use the ‘MIGAPLUS’ promo code when booking.

Will 2018 mark a turning point for you and your practice?

To make a booking – simply visit the MIGA Plus page on our website and follow the links. We hope your 2018 gets off to a flying start!

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