Gearing up for a new year

As you go into 2018, I’m sure you’ve had at least some fleeting thoughts about a New Year’s resolution, or two. Perhaps a couple have already ‘slipped through to the keeper’! Changing habits can take real commitment and with a busy schedule it can be all too easy to slip back into your old routine or way of thinking. .... Read more

Think before ‘signing your life away’

Often as a practitioner plans their next career move, they realise the restrictions imposed by an existing Employment Agreement. The importance of reading, understanding and negotiating acceptable terms of an Agreement before signing cannot be overstated. Once the Agreement is signed, it is very likely to be binding..... Read more

Tribunal reprimands practitioner for fraudulent self-prescribing

Self-prescribing and prescribing for friends and family is something that many practitioners grapple with. Having the medical knowledge and the ability make this easy, but there are many pitfalls and with unfortunate regularity it becomes a ‘slippery slope’. The Medical Board’s Code of Conduct has something to say about this practice..... Read more

Privacy and genetic information

The NHMRC Guidelines for Health Practitioners in the Private Sector for the Use and Disclosure of Genetic Information provides a range of scenarios designed to assist medical practitioners when issues of consent arise in relation to genetic information. Review this case..... Read more

New Code of Ethics for Midwives

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), Australian College of Midwives (ACM), Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) have agreed to jointly adopt the International Council of Nurses ‘Code of ethics for nurses’ and the International Confederation of Midwives ‘Code of ethics for midwives’ as the guiding documents for ethical decision-making for nurses and midwives in Australia..... Read more

Rising to the challenge of a New Year

As the New Year commences it is inevitable that thoughts turn to plans for the year ahead. How will it be different from last year? What do you want to change and how will you change it? It’s the perfect time to review, reflect and make a plan..... Read more

MIGA Advocacy – Getting ready for changes to come

Significant changes around privacy, consent and surgical regulation will be introduced over the coming months.

MIGA has been advocating for the interests of its members and clients around these issues for some time, and we are seeing positive outcomes through our work..... Read more

Is complacency putting your practice at risk?

Unfortunately, the adequacy of the practice’s cover often only comes into focus when an incident has actually occurred and this is when the policy cover will be scrutinised. Unfortunately, it’s already too late if the practice isn’t covered or the cover is simply inadequate. This is both unfortunate and unnecessary given the nature of medical practice, where the ‘unexpected’ shouldn’t be too ‘unexpected’..... Read more

Support for Doctors in Training

Last year our Doctors in Training Grants Program celebrated its 10th anniversary, and once again generated immense interest from dedicated doctors across the country. We are pleased to announce the 2017 Grant recipients..... Read more

Australia Day Awards

Many of our members work tirelessly for the benefit of their local and broader communities and it is fantastic when their commitment and effort are publicly recognised. We congratulate our members who were recipients of Australia Day honours..... Read more

Red25 – Saving lives

MIGA recently joined the Australian Red Cross Blood Service ‘Red25’ Program and we need your help in achieving the Red Cross Blood Service’s goal of getting 25% of Australians to donate blood..... Read more

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