Beyond insurance – Serving and supporting you

When you insure with MIGA, you receive a lot more than insurance and you deal with an organisation that approaches its business and service provision from a different perspective than a commercial insurer. For clients who have experienced a claim, the claim management process is more than simply money changing hands. We are here for you, we consider your well-being and we offer support to you through the process..... Read more

Don’t miss your opportunity to earn Qantas Points this renewal

Through our Qantas partnership you can earn one Qantas Point for every eligible $1 paid to MIGA for your medical or professional indemnity insurance..... Read more

Practising within your area of expertise? A caution

A recent State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia decision found that a medical practitioner behaved in a way that constituted professional misconduct by giving advice to a 10 year old cancer patient and her parents which lay outside of the practitioner’s experience and expertise. .... Read more

“Goodness me could this be Medico-legal disease?”

‘Medico-legal disease’ is about when a doctor’s involvement in medico-legal matters, particularly claims or complaints involving them, have a significant impact on their own health. MIGA is conscious that ‘medico-legal disease’ can have devastating effects on a doctor’s confidence, relationships, physical and mental health, and potentially on their care of patients. These effects don’t necessarily end when a matter resolves. The disease can become chronic and, in some cases, doctors have walked away from medicine. .... Read more

Supporting women in medicine: Room for improvement

At MIGA we are often contacted by our clients for advice in relation to various work-related stressors such as harassment, bullying, discrimination and ethical dilemmas. Anecdotally, we know these issues cause enormous stress for practitioners, however we are only now beginning to see research emerge from around the world that validates just how many doctors and midwives are affected by these issues in the workplace. .... Read more

Could your business survive an interruption event?

When a client’s premises suffered serious fire damage, the business was up and running again within two weeks. Such a quick recovery was made possible because the practice had Business Insurance which included cover for Business Interruption. Their policy provided them with ready access to payments to cover temporary relocation and other after loss costs enabling them to resume normal trading. .... Read more

The anatomy of a claim

In MIGA’s new Workshop “Anatomy of a claim” we follow the footsteps of Dale’s treating GP, and the specialists involved in his care pre and post-surgery, as they navigate through a coronial investigation, a complaints process and pending litigation. “I can’t believe it. Dale had gallstones, and he ends up dead. I thought I did everything I was supposed to do.”.... Read more

Midwives managing risk – what’s on this year?

Check out the range of workshops available to help you manage risk in your practice, including our new workshop – “The perils of silence – Communicating for safety”.... Read more

Simplify your renewal with direct debit

We’re always looking for ways to keep things simple for you, and maintaining your medical indemnity insurance is made easy with our convenient direct debit payment option. Payments can be made by monthly or annual direct debit with no additional costs or charges, even if you pay by the month..... Read more

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