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As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and MIGA’s risk education is aimed at providing doctors, midwives and practice companies with information and tools on how complaints and claims arise, the factors that contribute to them and how they can be managed and possibly avoided.

What you need to know about Coroner’s requests

Finding out the Coroner is investigating a patient’s death can spark concern in the mind of a practitioner. You may receive communication soon after the death whilst everything is fresh in your mind. However, it can be months or even years after the patient has died when the Coroner requests information.

Request for clinical records of a deceased patient

A recent enquiry was a request from a son of a deceased patient for a copy of his parent’s clinical records. However he didn’t have authority to access them as the Public Trustee was the named executor in the Will. The initial request was made by the son by phone.

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Midwifery Snapshot – COVID-19 Vaccination

With further research and more real-life experience, ATAGI and RANZCOG recently announced changes to the recommendations for Covid-19 vaccination in women who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant as well as those breast-feeding.

Time to put ourselves first

To say that medical practitioners work in a pressured environment is, perhaps, an understatement. But with the arrival of COVID-19 this has certainly been taken to the next level.

“He said, she said” – Managing disputes in the workplace

MIGA regularly receives calls from clients for assistance in managing disputes between employees. Getting this process right as an employer can often be confusing. Achieving a safe and healthy work environment while ensuring the rights of employees are protected can be a balancing act.

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