Artificial intelligence (AI) is often touted as changing lives for the better, including in healthcare.

A recent Senate inquiry recommended Australia lead AI development and ethics.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists told the inquiry “[a] digital health future presents risks and opportunities for healthcare professions. The potential for automation is high…but there are some very clear limitations…” 

How do we approach healthcare AI?

The American Medical Association recently released a policy on ‘augmented intelligence’.  It covers advocacy on healthcare AI priorities, incorporating clinician perspectives, ensuring high quality initiatives, education on benefits and limitations, and exploring legal implications.

MIGA advocates on issues of digital health, including the Senate inquiry into My Health Record, the South Australian Enterprise Patient Administration System review and the Australian Digital Health Agency National Digital Health Strategy consultation. We also engage with the Australian Digital Health Agency and other stakeholders in working groups.  The issues we raise include:

  • Ensuring digital health reflects healthcare realities
  • Augmenting existing initiatives to improve operation, utility and use
  • Ensuring regulation is fair and balanced, identifying potential implications when things don’t work as intended
  • Fragmentation of sources and information, inconsistency in use and ‘information overload’.

Rest assured that MIGA is ready to deal with the challenges that new health technologies present, and will be advocating in your interests.

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