MIGA’s Practice Risk Assessment is an opportunity to have a one on one discussion with Megan Sheldon our Education Risk Advisor, to identify gaps in your practice’s policies and procedures that may contribute to potential claims and complaints.

Over the past 2 years we have conducted 42 assessments and had some great feedback from our clients who have found it very worthwhile to participate in this activity which we provide at no additional charge to our clients.

Our tool consists of an amalgamation of all the relevant standards relating to health services in Australia including

The activity gives practice managers not only an opportunity to discuss each standard, but also guides them through the consequences of not meeting standards.

This personal approach takes each practice set up, which can be unique, into consideration when measuring the impact on the practice. MIGA has many resources that support the doctor and the practice staff to close any gaps and reduce the risk of a claim or complaint.

For many clients the visits have been a great opportunity to have clarity about the risks within their practice. Insurance can be a confusing topic and a face to face discussion is a welcome way to get the personal, specialist advice that MIGA prides itself on.

Our specialist medical practices have also found the experience invaluable and use the one-on-one service to give risk management the attention it deserves.

Most common areas for discussion
The most common areas that have been cause for discussion are

  • Policies that cover consent including consenting children, adults with diminished capacity and adults with temporarily diminished competence
  • Policies relating to chaperones for intimate consultations
  • Documentation of complaints in the patient’s medical record
  • Systems for tracking the return of results and “missed” results from tests and investigations (including imaging)
  • Policies relating to prescribing to self, family, friends, staff and colleagues
  • Inventories of all medications (including samples) and medical consumables
  • Disaster Recovery plans and testing.

Key outcomes

  1. Key outcomes for practices have included
    Identifying that their current insurance arrangements did not cover tenants or contractors
  2. Realising that the policy included coverage for employment matters and access to expert advice if they need it
  3. Access to MIGA resources that can be used to address the gaps identified
  4. Access to the expertise of our staff. Megan is available to assist with all aspects of reducing your practice’s risks.

If you are interested in giving your practice a health check, email megan.sheldon@miga.com.au or call and chat with our friendly Risk Management Team.

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