MIGA is excited about being a part of the upcoming Australasian Doctors’ Health Conference to be held 14 ‑ 16 September 2017 in Sydney.

Dr Roger Sexton, MIGA board member and Medical Director of Doctors’ Health SA, and Timothy Bowen, MIGA Senior Solicitor – Advocacy, Claims & Education, will be running a workshop at the conference called ‘Medico-legal disease’.

‘Medico-legal disease’ is about when a doctor’s involvement in medico-legal matters, particularly claims or complaints involving them, have a significant impact on their own health.

MIGA is conscious that ‘medico-legal disease’ can have devastating effects on a doctor’s confidence, relationships, physical and mental health, and potentially on their care of patients. These effects don’t necessarily end when a matter resolves. The disease can become chronic and, in some cases, doctors have walked away from medicine.

In the workshop, Roger and Timothy will examine links between medico-legal matters and ill-health, how this can affect patient care and potential risk factors. They will explore examples of doctors responding well and not so well, where systems get things right and where they get them wrong, and the role of others such as family, colleagues, workplaces and professional bodies such as MIGA.

For more information about the conference, including bookings, see adhc2017.org.au. MIGA’s interest in doctors’ health issues is long-standing and continuing.

MIGA offers a number of services to assist doctors manage their health. These include:

  • A Doctor’s Health Assessment which earns doctors Risk Management Points
  • The Practitioners’ Support Service which provides access to confidential peer and professional support when needed
  • A Doctors’ Health e-book addressing active management of your health
  • “Caring for our colleagues” Workshop as part of our Risk Management Program, dealing with preventative health care and collegiate support.

More information about these initiatives is available at www.miga.com.au/doctors-health.

At an advocacy level, MIGA has significant involvement in doctors’ health issues. Over the last year, MIGA has raised these issues in both Commonwealth and Queensland Parliamentary inquiries*, and written to the NSW Health Minister in support of changes to mandatory reporting obligations on treating practitioners. It continues to engage with various professional bodies as part of improving overall health and well-being of doctors.

Doctors’ health is a very important issue for the profession and their patients. We will continue to work towards outcomes where medical practitioners, students and midwives are well-supported and cared for in what they do. We hope to see you at the Conference.

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