When a midwife notifies us of a matter that may involve a claim or complaint, we will ask for a copy of all the documentation relating to the care of the woman. This may take the form of a Care Plan or Collaborative Agreement. Failing to comply with the requirements under the Policy may mean that you are not covered for the claim or complaint.

A Care Plan documents your plan for consultation, referral and transfer of a woman’s care with a public Hospital and your written records must include the following information:

  • The name of the public Hospital to which the woman will be referred if required and, if known, the Medical Practitioner employed or engaged by the Hospital Authority and authorised to participate in a maternity Care Plan
  • A record that the woman has been informed about this arrangement
  • A record of the planned place of delivery (whether in the public Hospital or not)
  • A plan for the circumstances in which you will consult, refer and transfer the woman’s care
  • A record of any actual consultation, referral or transfer of the woman’s care
  • A record that the hospital booking letter has been sent to the Hospital
  • A record that the maternity Care Plan has been sent to and acknowledged by the Hospital (e.g. in writing or a record in your notes of an oral acknowledgement)
  • A record that any results from diagnostic imaging or pathology have been sent to the Hospital; and
  • A record that the discharge summary has been sent to the Hospital and the woman’s usual general practitioner or a Medical Practitioner nominated by the woman.

To assist you MIGA has developed a Midwifery Care Plan for Consultation, Referral and Transfer Checklist for your use, if you choose. Download a copy from our website.

If you have any questions about preparing Care Plans or your obligations under the insurance Policy please contact us for assistance or advice.

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