Whether it’s a tweet, a blog, a post on Facebook or posting to a photo-sharing site, social media is a tool commonly used by midwives in their practice.

Late last year the NMBA published a new guide to help midwives understand their obligations around social media use. The guide provides advice on ensuring you act as ethically and professionally when it comes to posting, responding and sharing, as you do in your face to face dealings.

Though there are many benefits for both you and your patients to be gained from using social media in your business¹, there are also potential pitfalls. From breaches of confidentiality and advertising breaches to defamation of colleagues or employers and code violations, harm to both clients and your livelihood can occur if you are not mindful about ensuring your social media use is appropriate.

When using social media, you should be aware of  your obligations under the National Law, your Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, the Advertising guidelines and other relevant legislation, such as Privacy legislation.

If you have any queries about your social media use, the friendly staff in the MIGA risk management department are happy to help you work through them. In the meantime, completing the Advertising Practice Review through REO should allay any concerns about the gaps you may have that pose a risk of a complaint or a claim.

¹Fedele, R. (2019, November) 8 reasons why nurses and midwives should embrace social media. ANMJ. Retrieved from https://anmj.org.au/8-reasons-why-nurses-and-midwives-should-embrace-social-media/

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