Digital health has become entrenched in professional practice.  You may recall that back in October the Australian Digital Health Agency announced that Nurses and Midwives, Australia’s largest healthcare workforce, could assess their digital health knowledge and skills against the new professional development framework.

The framework highlights the specific skills and capabilities necessary to deliver contemporary care.  It outlines the core skills, knowledge and behaviours required for professional practice across five domains:

  1. Digital Professionalism: Professional standards are maintained in the digital environment
  2. Leadership and Advocacy: Digital health leadership and advocacy supported by clear policy
  3. Data and Information Quality: Data quality must be present
  4. Information-enabled Care: Care must be supported by rigorous data analysis and critical appraisal
  5. Technology: Technology needs to be understood and used appropriately

These domains sit within the context of nurses’ and midwives’ roles, workplace settings and the professional standards that apply to their practice.  Each capability statement has three levels which depict the anticipated growth of knowledge, skills and abilities in the capability area.

Formative level – This level reflects nurses and midwives who are beginning to use and understand digital health and the implications for practice.

Intermediate level – This level reflects nurses and midwives who are developing increased confidence, knowledge, skill and capacity in the use of digital health in their practice.

Proficient level – This level reflects nurses and midwives who are assuming leadership in the use and championing of digital health within both their practice and the broader nursing/midwifery professions.

It’s important for us, at MIGA, to ensure that we are supporting our insured Midwives in their practice and part of that support is our Risk Management Education.

A perfect example of that is our online eHealth for midwives Workshop. This workshop links directly with the capability statements for Domain 1: Digital Professionalism – ‘Nurses and midwives demonstrate attitudes and behaviours reflecting recognised professional standards when utilising digital tools both professionally and personally.’

The objectives of this Workshop are to:

  • Provide insight into the risks associated with electronic medical records, electronic forms of communication, mobile medical devices and social media
  • Appreciate that taking control of these new sources of information is in the best interests of the women in your care, your practice and yourself

Whether you are currently at the Formative, Intermediate or Proficient Levels on this domain, this workshop is for you.  Learn where your risk may be, ask questions of your colleagues and take away important messages and tools to take you to the next level or maintain your high standard.

eHealth for midwives – Thursday 11 February 2021 – 7.30pm (AEDT)
Book via REO today. We have limited spaces in the online workshops so don’t miss out.

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