There is no better time than now to take stock of your health. 

Life has been a bit crazy recently. Managing your own stressors and those of the women and families you take care of, is likely to have taken its toll. 

Supporting others can be emotionally draining during a crisis and you can easily find yourself slipping from a healthy level of wellness. Maintain awareness of your vulnerabilities by checking in with yourself to assess how you are feeling. As care-givers it is easy to get caught up but taking care of yourself is critical to being a good care provider. 

If you feel like things are getting on top of you, there are a number of useful resources available to help you. Check these out: 

My Wellness Plan – Sample

My Wellness Plan – Template


Compassion and fatigue

Most importantly, REACH OUT to family, friends or the Nurse & Midwife Support team. 

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