MIGA has a wealth of experience in serving the needs of the healthcare sector and we are passionate about protecting our clients from the ever-growing risks associated with providing healthcare services in Australia.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Healthcare Companies is designed to support and protect companies and their employees from the risks they face in providing healthcare services, in the same way we have supported and protected doctors across Australia for 120 years.

In addition to providing one of the broadest insurance policy offerings in the market, insuring with MIGA also opens companies to a wealth of ancillary benefits and services often not provided by other insurers.

In particular, access to medico-legal advice and support at no additional cost to the premium charged.  Your business can rest assured that where help is required in an emergency it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is provided by MIGA’s own staff – not an external call centre provider.

We are confident our policy will meet your needs and provides true value for money.

We are often asked why this insurance is needed given doctors are required to have their own insurance. Whilst this is true, the medical indemnity insurance effected by doctors is solely for the benefit of the doctors and generally does not extend to cover the liabilities of the practice or the practice’s employees.

MIGA’s Professional Indemnity Insurance for Healthcare Companies covers the business for its legal liability for claims arising out of any act, error or omission in the provision of health care treatment, advice or service by the practice (including their employees) in the course of the business.

Some additional benefits of insuring with MIGA include:

  • one automatic reinstatement of the limit of cover selected at no additional cost
  • risk management advice and education
  • payment by monthly instalment is available at no additional cost
  • MIGA Plus – access to partner insurance product and service offerings

To learn more about how MIGA can assist your practice with Professional Indemnity Insurance please contact us on 1800 777 156.

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