MIGA’s Risk Management team undertakes many risk management reviews to assist healthcare businesses identify gaps or risks in their admin policies and procedures that could cause or contribute to complaints or claims being made against the company.

The risk management reviews that we undertake for our clients are often at no cost, are well-received and our observations and recommendations lead to meaningful changes in practices and procedures.

MIGA’s risk management reviews take into account relevant industry standards relating to health services in Australia as well as MIGA’s own experiences in responding to complaints and claims on behalf of our clients.  The relevant industry standards are:

  • Australian Council HealthCare Standards Equip5, 5th edition
  • RACGP Standards for General Practice, 5th edition
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Australian Privacy Principles
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Guidelines.

MIGA’s personal approach takes each business’s unique practices and procedures into consideration when measuring the impact of potentially poor practices and procedures. Our resources have been developed from practical experiences that support the business and its staff to reduce risk gaps. Our approach provides the business with an opportunity to discuss standards and guide them through the consequences of not meeting them.

All healthcare businesses are different, but there are some common themes and findings from many of the risk management reviews we undertake.  Areas commonly requiring attention include:

  • Policies relating to informed consent.  This can include consenting children, adults with diminished capacity and adults with temporarily diminished competence
  • Policies relating to the use of chaperones, particularly in relation to intimate consultations
  • Governance procedures in the documentation of complaints in patient records
  • Systems for the tracking and the return of results, and “missed” results from tests and investigations (including imaging)
  • Policies and guidelines on self-prescribing and prescribing to family, friends and colleagues
  • Inventories of medications (including samples) and medical consumables
  • Disaster recovery plans and testing
  • Potential inadequacies with insurance arrangements
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines for dealing with workplace disputes, including contractual disputes.

If you are interested in consulting MIGA to provide your healthcare business with a health check, please contact us on 1800 777 156.

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