At this time of year, self-care is at the forefront of our minds, at MIGA.  It is well established that the Festive season can be a challenge for some.  However, 2020 has been dreadful in so many ways that maybe celebrations with family, friends and colleagues and an approaching new year will be more than welcome.  Whatever your circumstances and no matter the impact of the past 12 months there is never a better time than now to remind you about the importance of taking care of yourself now and in the future.

There has been abundant supply of information made available to us over the past year but my favourite is Pandemic Kindness Movement.  I highly recommend visiting this website for a balanced view of clinical and lifestyle support.

The Movement was created by clinicians across Australia with the Agency for Clinical Innovation.  They have worked together to support all health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it provides curated resources that foster support for the health workforce.  This website is a treasure trove of information, thoughts and ideas, reminders about physical health and a plethora of mental health gems.  It’s impossible to summarise the website here so I have picked my favourite resource from each of the ‘layers’.

Basic Needs – When the day is so crazy and there isn’t time to eat or drink
✔️  WRPEM – How to ‘Staff Resuscitation Trolley

Safety – Health workers who feel safe and secure are better able to provide care to others
✔️  Coping when not everyone will ‘do the right thing’

Love & Belonging – This section helps build a connection with others and renew humanity
✔️  SuperFriend: COVID-19 support guide

Esteem – Clapping for carers and how respect, recognition and thanks provides strength
✔️  Face Covid – How to respond effectively to the Corona Virus

Contribution – the COVID-19 pandemic may present personal and professional challenges
✔️  Clinician wellbeing in the time of COVID-19, with Dr Lynne McKinlay

This is just a very small sample of what is on offer.  You’ll find podcasts, videos, TED Talks, music, poetry and communication toolkits weaved in with stories and messages from around Australia and overseas.

The premise of the Pandemic Kindness Movement is one that is built on actions and behaviours.  Effective leadership is critical at all levels.  Looking after yourself is, first and foremost, an essential part of being a good leader, no matter where or what you practise.

If you haven’t found the time to see your GP this year, it’s a really important step for you and your team.  If you need more info on Doctors’ Health start here – drs4drs.

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