If you own, partly own, or are involved in managing a practice providing health care services, it is important you ensure the practice is appropriately protected against claims that could be made by patients.

Patients generally make claims when they feel events surrounding their treatment have contributed to a poor outcome.

Whilst the doctors in your practice generally have their own medical indemnity insurance, it is important to understand that a doctors’ medical indemnity insurance policy is designed principally for the benefit of the doctor, not the practice. These policies do not cover the practice and it may therefore be exposed.

In the above examples, the practice’s staff, systems and processes can create situations that potentially result in patient claims where the practice would be liable for both the failure of the practice systems and for the actions of the staff involved.

MIGA can help you protect your practice. Our Healthcare Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy has been developed specifically to meet the needs of medical practices and healthcare companies, and to work in concert with the medical indemnity insurance held by doctors.

When you insure with MIGA you also have free access to key services such as risk management advice for your practice and access to medico-legal advice. These services are not typically provided by commercial insurers and could save you thousands of dollars in professional fees.

Some key elements of the cover provided by MIGA’s Healthcare

  • Professional Indemnity Policy include:
    Protection for the practice entity that owns and controls the practice and provides the healthcare services
  • Cover for the staff employed by the practice entity for any claim or complaint made against them in the conduct of their duties (except employed doctors);
  • Cover for the practices vicarious liability in relation to the conduct of its employed staff (specific conditions apply in respect to employed doctors, including in relation to medical indemnity insurance held by doctors and the practice’s obligations to ensure doctors are all times appropriately insured); and
  • Cover for claims and complaints arising from a failure of systems, procedures or protocols.

The ‘human element’ is ever present in healthcare service delivery and there are many examples of situations that can expose your practice to financial loss. We are well placed to provide you with advice and to help you work through options for protecting your practice. Please call us for advice.

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