MIGA’s Hypotheticals moderated by Professor Guy Maddern, and with the assistance of an expert panel, always entertain as well as inform. Lively audience participation ensure their success.

The topic for the 2018/2019 risk management program hasn’t disappointed.

“Treating Miss Daisy” covered 5 complex areas in treating the older patient:

  • When and how to treat – the question of frailty and medical futility
  • How to manage the consenting process
  • Advance care directives and end of life
  • Medication management – polypharmacy and deprescribing
  • Elder abuse.

In the climate of the Royal Commission into Aged Care (announced during the course of the 8 hypothetical events held), this topic was timely.

With a well-respected panel comprising geriatricians, pharmacists and lawyers, the doctors who attended had access to insightful opinions, information and advice.

Even doctors who generally don’t treat the older Australian, found this topic interesting from a personal if not professional view:

The evaluations
“I’m a paediatrician but see occasional elderly patients in ED plus have elderly relatives. So I found it really informative” [Paediatric Medicine]
“Good overview on case of elderly and excellent panel discussion” [Orthopaedic Surgery]
“Fantastic morning. I enjoyed the presentation and the panel discussions” [Ophthalmology]
“Well constructed, interesting panel and important topic” [Psychiatry] 
“Another fantastic event” [Anaesthesia]
“Excellent as usual” [Radiologist]
“First class” [Emergency Medicine]
“Very useful, especially ACD’s etc” [Gynaecology]
“Most of my patients are younger.. however on a personal level very relevant” [ENT Surgery]
“I enjoyed this session. Topical, relevant to current practice. Provided useful resources for own use and for teaching purpose” [General Practitioner]
“Interesting and well presented” [Neurosurgery]

What’s next? 
The topic for the next Claims Hypothetical is Medicare audits and the Professional Services Review (PSR).

This is definitely a hypothetical not to be missed. The first two months of 2019 has seen the Director of the PSR enter into 9 agreements with practitioners which will result in repayments totalling $2,840,000. ¹ Doctors who get it wrong may also lose their right to bill certain item numbers.

Are you confident of your billing practices? 
Why not join us at a Conference. Visit REO online to book an event.

1 https://www.psr.gov.au/case-outcome/psr-directors-update-january-and-february-2019 

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