‘Everything changes and nothing stands still’

It used to be said that the only certainties in life were ‘death’ and ‘taxes’. But in our modern lives it would be fair to add ‘change’ to that short list of certainties. .... Read more

Privacy update – The laws are catching up and the stick is getting bigger

The public are now demanding that organisations including healthcare providers are transparent about how they collect and use that information and are held accountable if they misuse it. While the amending legislation is yet to be drafted, the Federal Attorney-General has announced a new penalty regime. .... Read more

Expert medical evidence – Know your limits

Courts are required to make determinations in relation to areas of medicine of which they do not have knowledge and, as such, rely on the expertise of doctors. Most doctors will be asked to provide expert evidence at some stage during practice, either as a treating doctor (witness of fact) or an independent expert witness (witness of opinion). .... Read more

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