As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and MIGA’s risk education is aimed at providing doctors, midwives and practice companies with information and tools on how complaints and claims arise, the factors that contribute to them and how they can be managed and possibly avoided.

Our risk education is available to our members and clients free of charge, as part of their insurance cover with us (apart from a fee for conference attendance).  So, we are keen for you to make the most of its availability.

No matter how experienced you are you can benefit from our risk education program.  Participating in our risk education can benefit you in many ways besides learning something new or identifying ways you can change your practice for the better.  For instance, it can:

  • Take you out of your day to day practice and help you see a more detached, ‘helicopter view’ of how you work and interact with others
  • Provide an environment for critical thinking, assessment and review of current processes or attitudes
  • Offer learnings from the experiences of your colleagues, shared during workshops and discussion
  • Help to develop your understanding or to see new perspectives based on the views and experiences of colleagues working in different specialties
  • Provide an opportunity to meet new colleagues and build your support and social network.

Many of our members and clients value and appreciate the above as much as they do the educational content itself.

We have produced a very short video about our conferences with comments from participants.


With a range of online and face to face activities available, it’s easy to get started.  Visit REO from the top menu of our website where you can complete activities online, book into a face to face event, or you can simply contact our Risk Management Team.  Jane or Kerry-Ann will be happy to get you started or facilitate a booking for you.

I really encourage you to make the most of MIGA as your insurer by engaging with our risk education.  Don’t miss out – you will get a lot more out of it than you expect!

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