How often have you been asked at a dinner party as a conversation starter, “So, have you had any interesting cases lately?”?


Well it may not be a surprise to you that as CEO of a Medical Indemnity Insurer, I am often asked a very similar question. I thought I would share with you something that we have noticed in our business that may make you think differently about your insurance with MIGA.

Claims under the legal expenses section of our policy have been increasing generally as complainants pursue recourse through AHPRA and other Healthcare Complaints mechanisms. In these instances our clients require assistance and sometimes legal representation. We have noticed that AHPRA and complaint entity investigations are on the rise, as are coronial and Medicare investigations.

Not too long ago MIGA extended the cover under the legal expenses section of your policy to provide you with cover for employment disputes.

At the time there had been a few instances of clients calling for assistance and we decided that it would be of benefit to extend our cover in this area.

Claims relating specifically to employment disputes with concerns about bullying, harassment, breaches of anti-discrimination or equal opportunity law have also risen sharply. We don’t yet have enough data to call this a trend, but it is something that is developing and we thought worth bringing to your attention.

Medical practice is changing and there are many more doctors seeking to work as employees for lifestyle and flexibility reasons while others are selling their practices to work for corporate entities. Employment contracts and working arrangements can be complicated.

This is an often overlooked area of cover and support with MIGA, but one that is becoming increasingly relevant and important for many of our clients.

We are here to help and advise you if you have any concerns in this area.

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