We are very pleased to introduce MIGA Plus to you.  Through MIGA Plus we will offer our members and policyholders access to a range of insurance products and services aligned with their business and day-to-day practice.


MIGA Plus complements the medical indemnity and professional indemnity insurance you have with MIGA, which already provides access to important services such as claims management, 24 hour medico-legal advice and a wide range of risk management and insurance advisory services.

The products and services offered through MIGA Plus will support other aspects of your medical and healthcare practice and will be high quality, competitive and genuinely respond to your needs.

MIGA Plus will eventually mean that we can help you with most of your business related insurance needs, making it easier for you to access quality products with the knowledge that we are sourcing these with your needs in mind.

Our first MIGA Plus offer will be for Business Insurance. This will be of interest to our many clients who own or are part-owners in healthcare businesses and medical practices.

In partnership with Guild Insurance, MIGA Plus Business Insurance can protect you for a range of day-to-day business insurance matters including cover for:

Accidental loss or damage to your building, contents and stock through perils such as fire, burst pipes, storm, earthquake and flood.

Business interruption
Loss of income, rent and staff wages, if you have to stop or reduce trading due to accidental loss of and damage to your premises and other unforeseen circumstances.

Public Liability
Your liability for accidents that happen in connection with your business such as a slip or a fall or damage to someone else’s property.

Repair or replacement of contents and stock if your business is broken into.

Tax audit
Professional fees associated with a tax audit of your business.

Employee dishonesty
Losses arising from fraudulent or dishonest behaviour by employees.

Products Liability
Your liability for damages caused by goods sold or supplied by you.

Management Liability
Liability following a claim for compensation (including legal costs) leading to civil proceedings such as:

  • By an employee, ex-employee or job applicant from a defined employment related matter (Employment Practices Liability);
  • Shareholders, creditors, competitors and others who have suffered loss following financial difficulties or alleged anticompetitive or unfair trade practice allegations (Directors and Officers cover).

You will have access to a locally-based Account Manager to personally deal with any Business Insurance enquiry you have and help is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whatever your business structure and needs, large or small, we can assist you through MIGA Plus.

MIGA Plus Business Insurance is available now and  can be arranged quickly and easily over the phone by calling the MIGA Plus Business Insurance team on 1800 835 808.

When your Business Insurance is due for renewal, we encourage you to call the MIGA Plus team at Guild Insurance for a quote.  For more information about MIGA Plus Business Insurance visit our website.

Over the balance of the year we will be expanding the products and services offered via MIGA Plus, all with the aim of providing you with a greater range of benefits.

We are very excited about MIGA Plus, so please give us a call to discuss it.

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