2018 has been another busy year at MIGA and it is easy to forget all of the work that different areas of our business have delivered for the benefit of our clients.

Our staff really value the part they play in supporting our members and clients and their important work in maintaining the health of our community.  As a result they are keen to play a part wherever they can and so the year started with MIGA joining the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Red25 Program.  We have been including regular updates on our progress in the Bulletins over the course of the year and you will see that so far we have been able to contribute to saving 135 lives.  A result we are all proud of.

We also started the year with a healthy number of advocacy projects on our plate in support of our members’ and clients’ interests.  From the Federal Government review of the Medical Indemnity framework to Mandatory Reporting and the Medical Board Professional Performance Framework, our involvement in these consultations and discussions has been very encouraging.  We have been able to work with a large number of knowledgeable and committed people and effectively engage in the discussion.

Our Risk Management Team launched a new education platform, which we have called REO (Risk Education Online), to facilitate more engaging and interactive on-demand education for our clients.  We are firm believers in the value of shared education experiences and continue to offer our workshops and Conferences so that members can enjoy face to face education and share their experiences for the benefit of other practitioners.

To this end, we also commenced our new Conference Hypothetical, “Treating Miss Daisy”, during which our panel discuss the complex issues involved in treating the elderly.  The hypothetical has been very well received by our conferences audiences.  A big ‘thank you’ to all our panellists who volunteer their time and expertise to make these such valuable and engaging discussions.

Over the year many of our clients have enjoyed the benefits of earning Qantas Points on payment of their insurance premium and this year we were very pleased to offer a share of 10 million Qantas Points at renewal.  This resulted in 20 (exceptionally happy) clients each receiving 500,000 points!  Congratulations to our winners.

Finally, we recently provided members with our Annual Review, which outlines our financial result for the 2017/18 year.  We were pleased to deliver an excellent financial outcome which contributes to our financial strength and enables us to maintain premium stability for our clients.

We are looking forward to another busy year ahead and to your continued support.  Please remember that our services are designed to support you in your day to day work, so if you need advice or assistance please don’t hesitate to call our team.

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