We are well into 2021 and at MIGA we are busily progressing the implementation of our new insurance system.

Importantly for you, our clients, your 2021 insurance renewal will be issued from the new system.  As a result, there will be some changes in the way your renewal is delivered to you and how you access your policy documentation.

These changes are largely driven by our desire to secure your personal information in an environment where there are increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and email infiltration.

For doctors and midwives insured with MIGA whose renewals are due from 1 July 2021, you will soon receive an email from MIGA providing a link to our new Client Portal.

Clicking through the link will take you to the Client Portal where you will be required to create your account (this is a one-time only action).

As part of setting up your account and password you will be asked to nominate a mobile device, which the Portal will use each time you login, to verify your identity.

When you login to the Portal and use your password, you will also be required to enter a 6 digit ‘code’ which the system will send to you via SMS or phone call (as nominated by you when you set up your account).  This is called ‘2 factor authentication’ and provides you with an additional layer of security.

Transacting your renewal in this way eliminates us sending your personal information via email and as the Portal uses ‘2 factor authentication’ it affords you extra security should your password somehow fall into the wrong hands.

Once your login to the Client Portal is set up, you will receive notification of your renewal from us.

Via the Client Portal will be able to access all of your renewal documentation (Certificate of Insurance, Policy Schedule, Tax invoice), make payments, change your details, seek advice and support or notify an incident.

Logging into the Client Portal won’t make renewing your insurance more difficult, but it will significantly enhance the security of your personal information.

More detailed instructions will be provided in the email with your renewal notification. If you encounter any difficulty please contact our Client Services staff who will be available during office hours to assist you.

Prefer to read a PDF of the Bulletin? Download it here

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