Healthcare is constantly evolving.  The medico-legal frameworks are debated and reviewed regularly.

Pressure for change can come from a variety of sources – patients, media, politicians, regulators and the profession.

Often the interests of those involved can differ significantly.  It can be a challenge to find an outcome which is sensible and fair to all involved.

MIGA is a significant voice in medico-legal and broader healthcare industry debates.

Our advocacy focuses on issues which affect doctors, other health practitioners and healthcare organisations in daily practice.  This includes matters to do with regulation, professional standards and other medico-legal issues.

MIGA’s advocacy aims to ensure that expectations and frameworks for providing healthcare are sensible, fair, practical and realistic.

MIGA regularly engages with governments, regulators, parliaments, colleges and associations and law reform bodies in legislative and policy inquiries, reviews and industry dialogue.

Here is a snapshot of some of our key recent work:

Treating practitioner mandatory reporting
MIGA has been involved in consultations and dialogue with governments and stakeholders about potential models for treating practitioner mandatory reporting reform.

We are advocating for a model which reduces barriers to doctors seeking care for health issues, and provides clarity and practicality for treating doctors in interpreting their obligations.

Medical Board and AHPRA standards
MIGA has been involved in a range of consultations on Medical Board and AHPRA standards.

Our work concerning information sharing is detailed in the Bulletin article “Information overload?  What should the regulator share?”
We have also provided detailed submissions to reviews of the Medical Board’s Good Medical Practice Code and complementary Sexual Boundaries Guidelines for doctors.

Prescription opioid misuse
MIGA has been involved in a range of consultations and professional dialogue on prescription opioid misuse.

Our August Bulletin article “An opioid epidemic?  Dealing with the implications of opioid prescription”  summarises our recent work in this area, to which can now be added advocating in a recent- closed ACT Health consultation.

Medical treatment consent
MIGA has been involved in consultations and reviews on medical treatment consent in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Our work on this issue focuses on uncertainties in current medical consent regimes, particularly around advance care directives, capacity, substitute consent and treatment withdrawal and refusal.

Other work, and more to come…
MIGA has been engaged in a range of other issues such as eHealth, privacy, professional standards, Medicare, elder abuse, advertising and private hospital regulation.

We will be involved in consultations in the coming months on the Medical Board’s new Professional Performance Framework and Health Practitioner Regulation National Law reform proposals.

Rest assured that MIGA is working hard to advocate in your interests and those of the broader medical and healthcare professions.

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