As a member organisation it is very important to us to understand how you feel about the services we offer and our performance in delivering those services to you.


We recently sought member feedback via a survey and were overwhelmed by your response, both in terms of the valuable feedback and the number of members who gave their time to complete the survey.

We were very fortunate to receive 2,099 survey responses with many positive and constructive comments. For most members the delivery of service primarily centres around situations where they need advice or support.

As an insurer and member organisation this is where the ‘rubber hits the road’ for us. Below we have summarised some of the feedback and information which we think you will find interesting, but importantly:

  • Indicate that we are meeting member expectations when it comes to providing that critical advice and support service
  • Show that a reasonably large proportion of respondents are making use of those services to receive expert advice which is tailored to medical practice.

There were a significant number of individual comments about how much doctors appreciate and value the service and support offered by MIGA. We were very pleased with the service ratings achieved below and we also received some excellent feedback about improvements we can make.


Direct debit
54.7% of doctors who responded used our new Direct Debit facility (launched this year) and 92.0% found it easy to use.

Delivering advice and support
The use of client surveys is a valuable tool for us to measure and benchmark many aspects of our service. The survey is also a means for you to provide us with feedback and comments about your experiences using our various services. The survey enables us to consider your feedback in the context of how we currently deliver service, what is important to you and how this can translate to future improvements.

Advice and support
Our advice services continue to be well used, particularly by doctors in private practice. The summary below highlights the proportion of respondents who have used our services in the last 12 months and shows some contrast in the rate of access between hospital doctors and those in private practice.

In the last 12 months have you:


Social media use
Social media use is much lower amongst doctors in private practice than those working in hospitals. The survey provided excellent information for us to consider in this area in terms of the social media platforms that you use and the types of content you would like to see. This will form part of our future planning.


The survey was quite long and we had some feedback reminding us of this, but the information provided is so important in helping us improve and guides our thinking across the business. It is truly valuable and we really appreciate your responses and the time you committed in completing the survey.

Throughout the survey many members took the opportunity to provide additional comments in relation to their answers. We are very appreciative of the time members have taken and the consideration they have given to providing these. The statistics arising from the survey are extremely useful, but the comments provide context and insight which inform our decisions about serving you better.

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