Introducing ‘The Private Practice’

Dear members and policyholders, the following is the first of an ongoing series of articles for the MIGA Bulletin from our newly established MIGA Plus partner, The Private Practice – convenors of education programs in business, financial and lifestyle management for healthcare professionals. We look forward to working together with The Private Practice team to deliver valuable education initiatives to help you gain efficiencies in your practice and personal life.
Mandy Anderson, MIGA Chief Executive Officer


A business is a ‘collaboration’ between the principals, management and staff.

A good business can only stem from an effective collaboration between these stakeholders, one that has at its core a shared vision and the appropriate will, systems and procedures to see it through to fruition.

A medical practice is no exception.

At The Private Practice, we have long held that the collaboration between business-minded principal practitioners and an educated and empowered management team has the capacity to transform the practice of medicine.

True collaboration will better position the medical practice to efficiently meet the nation’s evolving healthcare demands, as well as the lifestyle requirements of the practitioner and their family and the career aspirations of the practice management team and staff.

Quality service delivery and satisfying careers for practitioners is a vision we share with MIGA. It is with great excitement that we present a series of courses and workshops in business, financial and lifestyle management across the country throughout 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Our courses cover a variety of topics targeted to practitioners wanting to grow their practice in a way that secures and improves their lifestyle. The courses cover topics such as:

  • Medical practice business planning
  • Personal risk management
  • Medical practice IT
  • Tax, accounting and business structures
  • Wealth creation and lifestyle planning
  • Growing your practice
  • Attracting, retaining and grooming employed doctors.

Our collaboration with MIGA stems from a recognition that together we can help lift the level of knowledge and adoption of sound business and financial principles within the Australian medical community. 

Course information and booking links can be accessed here

As an MIGA client you have access to a special discounted registration fee of $330 for all educational events. In addition, accompanying spouses or partners receive complimentary registration. This represents a saving of up to $1,815 for an individual or $3,960 for a doctor and their partner.      

To access this special rate please use the Promotion Code “MIGAPLUS” when making your booking online.

For further information or enquiries please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you at one of our courses and working with you to realise the aspirations you have for your practice and lifestyle.

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