More than just an insurer

When you insure with MIGA, you receive a lot more than insurance and you deal with an organisation that approaches its business and service provision from a different perspective than a commercial insurer.

As a ‘mutual’ organisation we operate on the basis of a very different set of guiding principles. .... Read more

Criminalising healthcare

The well-publicised case of Dr Bawa-Garba, has caused considerable disquiet. The paediatric registrar was convicted by a UK jury, of gross negligence manslaughter, and received a two year suspended sentence following a child’s death. .... Read more

The ‘Dark Mark’ of IV iron infusions

In recent times there has been an influx of notifications relating to skin staining caused by intravenous iron infusions.  It is common for these infusions to be performed by GPs and practice nurses in the general practice setting. .... Read more

Board imposed ‘caution’ not a foregone conclusion

It is sometimes possible to dissuade the Medical Board from implementing proposed sanctions by providing further submissions. MIGA is well placed to assist practitioners in situations where submitting further information is appropriate. .... Read more

Notifiable data breach scheme – How it impacts midwives

From 22 February 2018, privately practising midwives and midwifery practices have new obligations to inform clients and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) of ‘eligible data breaches’. .... Read more

Doctors’ Health gaining traction

Over the last few months, MIGA has been working away on a number of issues related to doctors’ health, and we want to let you know about important things which are underway or coming up. .... Read more

Multidisciplinary or multispecialty = multiple risks

The reality for multidisciplinary practices is that their professional risk may be more complex, more difficult to manage and expose the practice to even greater risk because of the range of doctors, other healthcare professionals and staff providing the healthcare services and the range of insurance covers the practice will rely on. .... Read more

Anticipating a new arrival – Risk Education Online (REO)

MIGA is preparing for the arrival of a new eLearning platform which will offer risk education via our website in 2018. .... Read more

Board appointment – Mr Ian Stone

MIGA is very pleased to welcome Mr Ian Stone as a member of the Board of Medical Insurance Australia Pty Ltd. .... Read more

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