Renewal 2021 – Securing your personal information

For doctors and midwives insured with MIGA whose renewals are due from 1 July 2021, you will soon receive an email from MIGA providing a link to our new Client Portal. .... Read more

What’s the fuss? Tell me what’s happening…

The vast majority of the matters we assist members and clients with are those we call ‘advisory’ where help and advice is needed. Many of these will not lead to a claim. We are conscious however of the stress, uncertainty and frustration they can cause..... Read more

“I have received a letter from a patient’s solicitor.”

Sometimes this letter is a request for information relevant to some legal issue involving your patient. Sometimes that legal issue may be an enquiry about your role in the care and treatment of the patient. .... Read more

Midwives – COVID-19 Vaccination roll-out – Q & A

For Midwives the complexities of the COVID-19 vaccination and the evolving nature of information has created a whirlwind of uncertainty. .... Read more

Managing chronic pain

Managing chronic pain is a challenge for patients and their treating doctors. The focus on reducing the use of opioids as a first line treatment in emergency department settings and for long term pain management puts additional pressure on clinicians in responding to patients seeking immediate pain relief. .... Read more

International Women’s Day

Through our social media channels, we celebrated three young women in medicine and their achievements. All were recent recipients of MIGA Doctors in Training Grants, Dr Adele Storch, Dr Maeve Barlow and Dr Rebecca Kelly, each forging their own path in medicine. .... Read more

COVID-19 Vaccinations – Managing the risks

The COVID-19 vaccination program which is underway in Australia has its challenges, particularly given the concerns that have emerged with the AstraZeneca vaccine. .... Read more

Farewell Associate Professor Peter Cundy

After many years of service to MIGA, Associate Professor Peter Cundy is leaving our Boards on 30 June 2021. We also wish to welcome Associate Professor Susan Neuhaus who will fill the vacancy created by Peter’s departure. .... Read more

Not ‘just’ COVID-19? Pulling back the curtain on advocacy during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated our lives of the last year but lots of work has continued behind the scenes by MIGA in the advocacy space..... Read more

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