What is support?

It’s a good question and the answer largely depends on you. .... Read more

HealthEngine controversy

The recent spotlight on Australia’s largest online health booking service, HealthEngine, regarding the use of personal information it obtained from patients, has created significant debate throughout the medical profession and broader community. .... Read more

Legal Support – What can you expect from MIGA?

It’s a normal working day, or so you think! Seemingly out of the blue you receive a request from the police for a coronial statement. These can be requested at any time following the death of your patient. It could be within weeks of the death, or years afterwards. .... Read more

An opioid epidemic?

There has been significant professional and public debate about opioid use, both in Australia and overseas, including suggestions that the level of opioid use, including in Australia, constitutes an ‘epidemic’. .... Read more

Consider leaving your ‘Professional Status’ at the door

A medical career does not offer protection from illness or disease. In fact, the opposite is true. .... Read more

Midwives snapshot – Dealing with domestic violence

Dealing with cases of suspected or actual domestic violence can be challenging for even the most experienced practitioners.  A commonly asked question in these situations is “do I have any mandatory reporting obligations around domestic violence?” .... Read more

Supporting your practice and its staff

Health services are often provided in a highly charged and stressful environment and despite the very best of efforts complications arise, errors of judgement are made and workplace conflicts and disputes will occur. This can lead to claims being made against the practice and its staff. .... Read more

Supporting education, life balance, charity

The act of helping someone else is not only a gift to the receiver, but it often returns a gift to the giver and perhaps this is the ultimate definition of ‘fulfilment’. .... Read more

AGM and election of Directors

MIGA’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 24 November 2018. The business of the Annual General Meeting includes the election of Directors to the Board of MDASA, the parent company of the Group. .... Read more

Queen’s Birthday Honours

We would like to acknowledge the following members who received Queen’s Birthday Honours and extend our congratulations to them. .... Read more

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