Federal Government Review of the medical indemnity framework

MIGA is actively involved in the medical indemnity framework review process, with the aim of representing our members’ interests and the broader profession fairly and constructively..... Read more

Patients refusing treatment

A General Practitioner recently contacted MIGA for guidance in relation to a patient who was refusing to follow advice. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon scenario for members. .... Read more

Midwives – New Code of Conduct

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (the NMBA) have released an advance copy of the “Code of Conduct for Midwives” (the Code), which is due to take effect from 1 March 2018. .... Read more

When things get ‘hairy’

Issues that you may encounter in your professional life as a medical practitioner can be very complex, especially if they involve colleagues you directly work with or other medical practitioners you encounter. .... Read more

Making the most of our Qantas partnership?

You may be missing opportunities to collect more points and access further discounts.... Read more

Sharing your views – 2017 Member Survey

Understanding how you feel about the services we provide and our performance in delivering those services to you is extremely important to us..... Read more

How lobsters grow

Through MIGA Plus we have partnered with The Private Practice to offer access to Business Education courses designed for the healthcare profession and aimed at assisting doctors and practice managers..... Read more

What would happen if your business couldn’t operate?

As we head into the Christmas period, the prospect of storms and fire are obvious threats to any business. However, it’s often ... Read more

Reflecting on your practice risks – We can help!

We continually see that many of the issues that create legal and financial exposures for doctors and practices arise from a failure to plan and have adequate “risk management” measures in place.
The end of the year is a great time to reflect and make some changes to your practice.
.... Read more

MIGA Elective Grant recipients announced!

With 2017 applications recently closing, we were overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm of our medical student members, and are excited by the impact each will have on the community they visit..... Read more

Midwives snapshot – Back soon…

Ensuring that your clients are cared for while you are on a Christmas break takes a bit of planning, but here are some tips to make it as stress-free as possible..... Read more

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