It’s renewal time again

It’s hard to believe, but another year has gone by and it’s time for renewal again.
Members would have received their renewal package by now. In prior Bulletins we have communicated the Federal Government’s change to the High Cost Claim Scheme threshold which has the effect of increasing the cost of claims to all insurers from 1 July 2018. .... Read more

A change is coming – Medical Board Professional Performance Framework

Late last year, the Medical Board of Australia announced a new Professional Performance Framework for Australian doctors, which is the culmination of the MBA’s ‘discussion’ around revalidation of the professional competence of doctors .... Read more

Restraint of trade clauses – Are they fair?

An increasing number of health practitioners are seeking our assistance regarding the validity of restraint of trade clauses included in their employment contracts. .... Read more

Privacy update – Mandatory data breach notifications

The Notifiable Data Breaches first quarterly report was recently released by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and it provides useful information on the state of play since the new scheme came into effect. .... Read more

‘To err is human’ – But what of the implications for your practice?

The ‘human element’ is ever present in healthcare service delivery and there are many examples of situations that can expose your practice to financial loss.

.... Read more

MIGA Plus Business Insurance – What happens if you are under-insured?

Insurance policies come in different shapes and sizes with variations in coverage, some of which are cosmetic in nature, relating to policy sub-limits and excesses however, some variations are more significant and can have a far greater impact on a potential claim settlement. .... Read more

Midwives – Beware the Medicare Audit

While it’s been a few years now since midwives have been able to bill Medicare directly, the issue of Medicare’s Audit and Professional Services Review may not have been adequately on midwives’ radar. .... Read more

2018/2019 Risk Management Program

Understanding your risks and can reduce the chance of you experiencing a claim or complaint – and we’re here to help! .... Read more

Kickstart your Private Practice Career

Thinking about entering private practice, but not sure where to start? MIGA offers two exciting education opportunities to help you on your way. .... Read more

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