The COVID ‘Crunch’

We had a significant increase in calls in March and April this year consequent on the pandemic where members and clients were seeking advice and reassurance relating to the range of issues that COVID-19 presented in their practice. .... Read more

Medication goes ‘electronica’

Two initiatives, underway for some time but only now gathering steam across the country, have significant potential to enhance healthcare – electronic prescribing and real-time prescription monitoring. .... Read more

Silence is golden

Social media has been flooded with observations and commentary in the wake of Covid-19. Frustrations have also been vented on public forums leading to an increase in requests from members for assistance when comments have not been well received. .... Read more

Terminating the doctor patient relationship

The cornerstone to any doctor patient relationship is trust. Patients will change doctors if they feel they have a poor relationship with them. But what if it is the doctor who feels trust is missing? Can you or should you terminate the relationship? .... Read more

Risk Education – The impact of Covid-19

COVID-19 has put an end to our face-to-face events, but the great news is that, the presenters you know, and love; Sue, Jane, Peter, Craig and Katy are all sharing their knowledge via our online workshops. Find out how you can get involved. .... Read more

2020 Annual General Meeting

With varying COVID restrictions and border closures around Australia the format of our 2020 AGM has been changed from a face-to-face meeting to an on-line one. .... Read more

Considerations when employing or contracting staff

Issues around employment and contractual arrangements can be extremely complex. This article is intended to reinforce the importance of obtaining advice about these important business contracts. .... Read more

Special offer – Protect your medical business

Professional indemnity insurance for your healthcare business Protect your business from claims arising out of: Breach of professional duty Breach of privacy ... Read more

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