It’s renewal time again

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by and it’s time for renewal again for many of our members and clients. You will have noticed that you now access your renewal documentation via our new Client Portal, which provides a greater level of security for your personal information. .... Read more

Unauthorised access to clinical records

Practitioners need to think twice before accessing clinical records. A recent decision of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal – Occupational Division highlights the potential consequences of unauthorized access to clinical records. .... Read more

Plastic surgeon accused of providing inappropriate pre-surgery advice and inadequate follow-up care.

In this case, a plastic surgeon accused of providing inappropriate pre-surgery advice and inadequate follow-up care following revision bilateral breast reduction surgery ... Read more

Changes to accessing Risk Management Activities

There has been a lot going on in the world of “Risk Management” at MIGA and we are thrilled to again be planning activities for the 2021/2022 year. .... Read more

Managing mental health issues in the workplace

The prevalence of mental health issues in the workplace emphasises the importance of employers having in place strategies to manage and monitor the health of their employees.

.... Read more

The Medical Board of 2025 – what will it look like?

In the coming months there will be considerable Medical Board / Ahpra advocacy work. What is happening will be a major influence on what the Medical Board of 2025 looks like, particularly how it deals with complaints against doctors. .... Read more

Risk Management for Midwives

The time has come to start planning how you are going to complete the MIGA Risk Management Program this year. Under the Federal Government Scheme there is a requirement that you participate in Risk Management Education. .... Read more

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