Understand your risks and reduce the chance of a claim or complaint.

Risk Education Online (REO) will be our new on-line risk education platform to be launched in July 2018.

But don’t wait to book a Conference or Workshop – you can register NOW in the Client Area of our website.

The structure of the Program remains the same but there are more options for you to choose from.

You can still complete the Program in person at our Risk Management Conferences or workshops and via our on-line options, soon to be delivered via REO.

Complete two education activities; earn CPD points, and a earn 10% premium discount.

To make it even easier, some of the activities are bundled into one 10 Point Activity.


Hypothetical: Treating Miss Daisy NEW 
An interactive Claims Hypothetical moderated by Professor Guy Maddern will, with the support of an expert panel, explore the complexity of treating the elderly, with a focus on when and how to treat (the question of frailty), the consenting process, advanced care directives, medication management, de-prescribing and elder abuse.

Session 2 – Choose a Workshop (2 hours) 

The anatomy of a claim  

  • Follow the pathway of a claim from the notification of the incident, the collection of evidence, the defence of allegations and the judicial process.
  • Unravel the complexities of the adversarial process and expose the critical stages that can influence the ultimate outcome.

The perils of silence – Communicating for safety

  • Communicating effectively with patients and colleagues is just as important as providing the best clinical treatment.
  • Explore the role of poor communication in medical errors and discuss strategies for empowering practitioners to communicate for the safety of the patient.

The Terms and Conditions of the Program can be found on our website or in the Risk Management Booklet distributed in June 2018.

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