MIGA has been advocating on a number of industry issues in the interests of our clients.


Review of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act – South Australia

We supported work towards a nationally consistent regulatory regime, raised concerns about how potential ‘screening’ procedures could realistically work in practice, argued against comparatively harsh financial penalties for ‘lesser’ breaches of the regime, and supported establishing an appropriate advisory body to guide regulators and practitioners involved in ART on its complex clinical, legal and ethical issues.

Reform of the Coronial system – New South Wales

We have had significant involvement in the development of procedures to make investigations and inquests work more efficiently and fairly. We are also part of the NSW Government review of the Coroners Act, working with the NSW Justice Department on potential areas of Coronial reform.

Advance Care Directives and Root Cause Analysis Investigations – New South Wales

We have given feedback to the NSW Department of Health and the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission on their work in these areas, drawing on our national experience to assist in developing documents and information and emphasising the need for further education and training.

Draft medicinal cannabis prescription regime – Queensland

We have made submissions focusing on the practical issues which might arise if the proposals become law. We raised concerns about the assessment process for prospective prescribers and patients. We also emphasised the need for review of the scheme in light of experience in other Australian states and territories, and clear guidance and education of the profession, patients and the public about how the scheme would work.

Use of electronic referrals – Victoria

We have provided input on medico-legal aspects of the Victorian Government’s pilot projects in its public health system. We will be monitoring the implementation, particularly the interaction with practitioners referring patients to those hospitals.

Other work in progress or already undertaken includes:

  • Federal Senate’s Inquiry into the Medical Complaints Process – With the upcoming Federal Election this inquiry has been terminated. However, MIGA continues to take up opportunities to engage with regulators over how the complaints process affects our clients
  • Medical Board of Australia’s consultations on registration standards
  • NSW Law Reform Commission’s review of the scope to sue insurers directly

If you are interested in these or other medico-legal or insurance industry issues, and have a view you would like to share, we encourage you to contact us.

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