MIGA represents its members’ and clients’ needs in a variety of ways.


MIGA has a particular focus on advocacy in areas which directly impact on members and clients.

Over recent months MIGA has made submissions on the following:

Advance Care Directives (NSW)

The NSW Government is undertaking a review of the Advance Care Directive template and associated information booklet.

MIGA has provided feedback, to the effect that these documents must be clear and unambiguous. This in turn will make it easier for health practitioners who have to act on these Directives.

The work MIGA has done on Advance Care Directives is also relevant to submissions made in other areas such as the NSW Law Reform Commission’s review of guardianship law and the Victorian Government’s position paper on End of Life Choices. MIGA’s aim in involving itself in these reviews is to ensure the health practitioners role and responsibility when working in these areas is appropriate and clear.

Medical Council of NSW Performance Assessments

The Council is reviewing the whole process associated with Performance Assessments.

We are preparing a submission targeting areas for improvement, including:

  • Selection, training and review of performance assessors
  • Improved materials to assist practitioners understand the purpose of the Assessment
  • Feedback mechanisms.

If you are interested in these or other medico-legal or insurance industry issues, and have a view you would like to share, please contact us.

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