MIGA’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 25 November 2020.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the AGM will be run as a virtual meeting with members able to attend via the internet.  More details to follow with the October 2020 Bulletin.

The business of the Annual General Meeting includes the election of Directors to the Board of MDASA, the parent company of the Group.

As per Article 46 of the Constitution of MDASA, the number nearest one third of medical Directors must retire by rotation.  This means that Dr Andrew Pesce and Prof. Owen Ung will both retire by rotation at the AGM and both offer themselves for re-election.

Therefore, there are two Board vacancies this year and nominations for election to the Board are now invited.  Other nominations for election must be proposed and seconded by members of MDASA and lodged at our Adelaide Head Office on or before 5.00pm (CST) Friday, 11 September 2020 and marked to the attention of the CEO.

Nominations must be made on the official Nomination Form and be accompanied by a brief and relevant statement (up to 300 words) about the nominee, which will be circulated to members of MDASA prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Nomination Forms are available from our Head Office.  If you have any queries concerning the Annual General Meeting, please contact Mandy Anderson CEO on 1800 777 156 or at mandy.anderson@miga.com.au.

Details about the Annual General Meeting and nominee statements, if applicable, will be distributed with the October Bulletin.

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