For many doctors at some point in their career, an opportunity arises for them to work overseas either to train in their field, join a medical aid mission, or as part of their extra-curricular activities such as accompanying a group or sporting team.

To provide our clients with maximum flexibility MIGA’s medical indemnity insurance policy automatically covers doctors for any work they undertake within their practice category outside the Commonwealth of Australia, provided:

  1. The period worked outside the Commonwealth of Australia does not exceed 120 days during the term of the insurance,
  2. Work is not conducted in:
    i) the United States of America, or
    ii) a jurisdiction to which the laws of the United States of America apply, and
  3. Proceedings are not commenced or maintained in the United States of America.

Cover is also provided for Volunteer Practice, including in relation to aid programs or disaster response work.

So provided the work you will be undertaking overseas meets these criteria, there is no need for you to notify MIGA of your intention to work overseas.

If you wish to work outside the Commonwealth of Australia for a period longer than 120 days, we can arrange this cover at an additional cost.

It is important to note that cover is only provided for work for which you are insured (i.e. your category of insurance e.g. general surgery) and, if there is a requirement to be registered or licensed to practise in the relevant jurisdiction, you will need to be appropriately registered or licensed in order to be covered.

Overseas practice can be beneficial in so many ways and we are very pleased we can readily support you. If you have any questions about cover for overseas practice, please contact your Client Services Officer and they will be happy to assist.


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