MIGA is preparing for the arrival of a new eLearning platform which will offer risk education via our website in 2018.

REO will replace our current risk education platform which was introduced in 2004.

For the 2018/2019 RM Program which commenced on 1 April 2018, clients can continue to book events in the Client Area until REO arrives but online activities will only be available in REO in late July 2018.

It will be worth the wait! REO will bring new and dynamic ways to learn and interact on a broader choice of topics through a platform that is multiple device friendly (so you can participate on your phone if you wish!). We will provide more information about REO over the coming months via Bulletins and the website.

MIGA continues to lead the way in delivering risk management education to thousands of our clients every year. The benefits of shared knowledge are obvious:

  • to the doctors and midwives who seek to optimise the safe delivery of health care;
  • to their patients in better outcomes;–and
  • to MIGA with reducing exposure to claims and the cost of claims.

The change in the delivery of our risk education does not change our view on rewarding your participation. Nothing has changed. Completion of MIGA’s RM Program will continue to earn clients a 10% premium discount in the following year and we encourage our doctors and midwives to participate.

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