Hospital doctors are in most instances indemnified by their relevant state government for their public hospital work.

However, the indemnity cover provided can be limited in terms of its scope and may only extend to claims for compensation with limited legal support. A recent survey carried out by MIGA showed that 48% of hospital doctors weren’t sure of what they were covered for by their employer.


Faced with disciplinary investigations, Medical Board inquiries and criminal investigations/trials or proceedings, hospital doctors may find themselves on their own, without indemnity from their employer. Finding a suitable lawyer to advise them is the first challenge, personally funding the legal advice and representation could be a significant financial and emotional strain on hospital doctors.

MIGA offers a range of insurance options tailored to the needs of hospital doctors. Our insurance policies for hospital doctors provide cover for defending and responding to various matters in connection with practice. It also provides access to 24 hour emergency medico-legal advice. In short, having your own insurance cover provides access to services that can assist you at any time, not just when trouble arises.

We understand that some doctors may only want minimum cover for legal costs and others may want additional cover including for private practice they may undertake. The different MIGA categories of cover and cost of premiums available for hospital doctors include:

  • Interns – Free
  • PGY 2 to July PGY 3 – Free
  • July PGY 3 to PGY 5 – $60
  • Salaried Medical Officers – Can range between $196 and $907
  • Staff Specialist – Can range between $554 and $787

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