MIGA keeps a close eye on medical regulator issues, particularly with the Medical Board of Australia, AHPRA and various state-based Boards and complaints bodies.


Recently we have been engaging with stakeholders on two key issues. 

Medical Board revalidation
The Medical Board of Australia has released its revalidation discussion paper and Expert Advisory Group report.

Together with other stakeholders, we were briefed on revalidation proposals and consultation process in advance of the Expert Advisory Group releasing its final report mid next year.

MIGA has been involved in revalidation discussions for some time, particularly through meetings with Expert Advisory Group members and key stakeholders.

In short, the Board is considering an ‘evolutionary’ approach of strengthening CPD, and proactive identification and assessment of ‘at-risk’ and poorly performing doctors. The Board emphasises this is different from UK-style revalidation.

We are now looking carefully at the Board’s proposals and considering how they will affect our members and health care in Australia more generally, so we can then contribute to the Board’s consultation process.

Queensland Health Ombudsman / AHPRA inquiry
The Queensland Parliament is conducting an inquiry into the operations of the Office of the Health Ombudsman, the body which receives complaints about medical care in Queensland, and how it, together with AHPRA and the Queensland Medical Board, handles complaints.

Through assisting our members with the complaints process, and monitoring how the process has developed, we can see where problems have developed.

MIGA contributed to the last review of the complaints process around three years ago, which led to the Ombudsman’s establishment. We emphasised the need for efficient and fair complaints handling, and expressed concern about powers to immediately suspend or restrict practice without an opportunity to make submissions, and unrealistic timeframes for practitioners to respond to complaints.

We are still concerned about these issues, emphasising this in our latest submission. We have also raised concerns about delays in dealing with complaints and how complaints are handled by different bodies, and detailed ways matters involving clinical performance or a doctor’s health could be handled better.

As always, members with an interest in these or other medico-legal issues are welcome to contact us for further information.

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