MIGA’s Doctors in Training Grants Program is all about helping our clients develop their skills and experience, positioning them to provide the best possible care to patients. To help address the financial toll that additional training can take on a doctor and their family, annually MIGA provides four Grants of $5,000 each through our Doctors in Training Grants Program.

In the ten years since the Program began, MIGA has supported doctors across a wide range of areas, including:

Psychiatry Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Psychiatry Neurosurgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery Burns Surgery Research
Oncologic Imaging Paediatric Palliative Care
Vitreoretinal Surgery Epidemiology
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Surgery and Social Change


These dedicated doctors have travelled across the globe seeking to expand their skill set:

Past recipient spotlight: Breast reconstruction research

In 2015 Dr Matthew Cheng received support from MIGA to assist in undertaking his Clinical Research Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, during which he worked with accomplished surgeons at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland.

“My PhD research is trying to establish a new method of breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery using tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to stimulate the body to grow new tissue. Our goal is to use these principles to regenerate new breasts for patients who have lost theirs through breast cancer surgery. Specifically, we are using 3-D printed breast scaffolds and implanting them after breast cancer surgery. We then fill them with fat from the patient and allow the fat to grow and populate the scaffold to regenerate new breasts. We believe that this method will give the patient the most natural shape and feel to her reconstructed breasts, and will also be less invasive and more cost-effective meaning that more women will have access to breast reconstruction.

In the realm of research, trials are costly and funds to support research are extremely limited – I am extremely grateful to MIGA for providing this Doctors in Training Grant. I believe this research has the opportunity to positively influence outcomes for women with breast cancer. Much more work needs to be done before this becomes a clinical reality, but I am determined to realise this goal.”

Consider applying for a grant

So many of our clients are accomplishing incredible things, and we want to help you achieve your best too.

Many different training types are eligible for assistance – you might be surprised by the breadth of our support. Applications for the 2017 Program are currently open. Visit www.miga.com.au/dit-grants-program to find out more and to apply! Be sure to get your Application in before Friday, 3 November 2017.

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