Each year, MIGA offers doctors in training the opportunity to apply for a Grant to support their pursuits of advanced training. Six Grants of $10,000 are offered to those undertaking training, including specialised fellowships, postgraduate study, placements with volunteer organisations and research within a specific area of medicine.

In 2019 we received applications from doctors in a wide variety of specialties, all determined to make a difference and improve the standard of healthcare available in Australia and around the world.

It is with great excitement that we announce the MIGA DIT Grant recipients for 2019:

While undertaking their training, each recipient provides MIGA with reports highlighting their experiences and providing an overview of how their training program benefits their future patients and field of medicine. These reports are added to our website and are a fascinating read, especially for anyone considering undertaking advanced training or interested in seeing the potential of our inspiring junior doctors.  You can view our library of recipient reports via our DIT Grants Program webpage at www.miga.com.au/dit-grants-program.

We are extremely proud of the support that has been offered through our DIT Grants Program since its inception in 2008. It continues to grow in popularity and it’s encouraging to see the passion so many doctors have for expanding their skill set and improving the level of care in their respective fields. We look forward to launching the Program for 2020 in the coming months.

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