All over the globe people require healthcare and at MIGA we recognise how important new and different experiences can be for a medical professional early in their career. To support medical students and junior doctors, we run annual Grants Programs providing financial support to those seeking to expand their skill sets.

2015 Student Elective Grant Recipients
Through our Elective Grants Program, we provide Grants to students travelling to developing communities. Last year’s Program saw an unprecedented level of interest, and we were truly inspired by the passion so many of our members have for global health. We’re thrilled to announce the six worthy winners, each receiving $2,000 towards their personal costs and $1,500 to provide medical or other aid to the community visited:

Elizabeth Forrest
Griffith University
Elective Location Vila Central Hospital, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Julian Chung
University of Western Australia
Elective Location Maluti Adventist Hospital, Maluti, Lesotho

Mariana Rego
Flinders University
Elective Location Bairo Pite Clinic, Dili, Timor Leste

Rebecca Moss
University of Sydney
Elective Location Cachamsi Medical Spanish Institute, Riobamba, Chimborazo Province, Ecuador

Alistair Tinson
University of Melbourne
Elective Location Rwamagana Hospital, Rwamagana, Rwanda

Anne-Maree Nielsen Indigenous Grant recipient
Flinders University
Elective Location Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service, Torres Strait Islands, Australia

2015 Doctors in Training Grant Recipients
Our Doctors in Training Grants Program supports advanced training for junior doctors by providing four Grants of $5,000 each. A diverse range of training programs are eligible, including postgraduate study, specialised fellowships, volunteer placements and medical research. We’ve been inspired to see past recipients become leaders amongst their peers and ultimately improve the level of care provided to their patients.

In its eighth year the Program generated immense interest and the wide variety of applications has provided MIGA an opportunity to support advanced training in a number of different areas:

Dr Mark Dowling
Haematology & bone marrow transplantation
Location Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Grant Research Project – Neurological complications in recipients of bone marrow transplants
The project aims to improve understanding of the causes of neurological complications after transplantations, with the long-term goal of improving transplantation outcomes.

Dr Matthew Cheng
Plastic & reconstructive surgery
Location Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Grant Clinical Research Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
The clinical component will provide experience and skills in more advanced breast reconstructive surgeries, including free flap surgery, implantation and adipose tissue transfer. The research element of the Fellowship will involve a PhD in breast reconstruction, examining the use of biodegradable breast implants and fat grafting to reconstruct breasts after cancer surgery.

Dr Thomas Volkman
Location Médecins Sans Frontières, Peshawar, Pakistan
Grant Neonatology Mission
The placement involves management of an 18 bed neonatal intensive care unit in the northern tribal region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. It primarily presents an opportunity to learn skills in teaching, supervision, strategic planning, research and clinical leadership.

Dr Annabelle Enriquez
Developmental biology
Location University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Grant Master of Medicine (Developmental Biology)
This degree will enable Dr Enriquez to study the development of the heart and spine at the genetic level, analysing genomic data to identify the genetic basis of congenital malformation.

Our Grants Programs enable us to support the personal growth of medical students and junior doctors for the benefit of medicine and the community. The benefits that flow from the efforts of these individuals are immeasurable and ongoing, and we are proud to support them in their endeavours.

We wish the recipients good luck on their respective placements, and look forward to bringing you their experiences and photographs in future Bulletins and via our website.

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