In a busy practice everyone needs someone to lean on. So when it comes to managing risk in your practice don’t forget that MIGA is here to help. We can help you and your team in a number of ways – here is a reminder of what we have to offer.


Phone advice

The friendly and knowledgeable Risk Management team is available to discuss any concerns you have about risks in your practice. We have team members locally in SA, NSW and QLD but no matter where you are in Australia we are just a phone call away.
When that tricky issue pops up please give us a call on 1800 777156.

Reviewing your practice policies

Sometimes writing new policies, or updating those that are a bit dusty, can seem daunting but we are here to make that process as painless as possible. We would be happy to review any new or updated policies that have been developed for the practice. Simply email them through to us along with any supporting documents and we will review them and provide you with advice and recommendations. You can email the Risk Management team at 

Risk Resources

Over the years we have written many risk management articles and produced a lot of templates and sample documents. These are available to you from our website, simply visit the Risk Resources page.

These materials will help when putting together a practice manual, reviewing policy or procedures and even for staff training materials. They support you by promoting an understanding of risk in practice and provide practical tools to be used when you need them.

Our knowledge is available to you at the click of your mouse or tap on your tablet. And if you can’t find what you need please call or email us.


One of our fantastic online tools that is available to you is our Practice Self-assessment. This tool enables you, through answering a series of questions, to assess how your practice and is faring against a number of key risk areas.

Not sure if the way you deal with complaints will keep trouble at bay or if the system you have for maintaining privacy would stand up to scrutiny? Then this tool could be the answer.

Are you curious to see how others, in your area of practice, compare to you? This tools also allows you to access a histogram that enables you to benchmark your practice against others. All data is of course anonymous but it will give you a feel as to where your practice sits within the results of other practices that have also used the tool.

To access this tool you will need to be enrolled in the Risk Management Program, so if you are not currently enrolled please email us at

Other resources

  1. Risk Resources

    Access content that can help you manage risk in your practice.

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