Thank you to all of our members who recently provided their feedback as part of our 2020 Member Survey.  Your views are so important and assist us in understanding how you feel about the services we provide and our performance.

The positive and constructive comments received about the support we provide reinforces our commitment to continuing to improve our service delivery.  Thanks also to those of you who wrote favourably about specific team members, enabling us to recognise those individuals for their efforts.

We are very pleased by the survey results, which are very similar results to last year.  COVID-19 has brought with it many changes for our business.  While we felt we were dealing well with these changes it is pleasing to have that supported by the survey results.

A key area of change was to the delivery of our risk education, which has been forced online.  We know that many of you really enjoyed catching up with peers at the conferences and workshops, so it has been disappointing to have to cancel these events.  But having said that, the survey reveals that 70% of respondents have used REO to access online activities and earn points over the last year.  And, that 89% have found it easy to use.  So if you are in need of some risk management points, or have not participated in our risk education previously, get online and check it out.  Our risk management team are here to assist if you need it.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support of MIGA.  We look forward to supporting you through 2021.

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