From time to time, you may be asked to waive the gap in fees or refund fees that have already been paid.

These requests usually arise in circumstances where there:

  • Is a perception that care has been less than was expected
  • Has been a misunderstanding about the care and the costs.

Seek advice
It is critical that these situations are well managed, so we recommend that you discuss any requests with one of our Claims Solicitors before you take any action. We will review the circumstances surrounding the situation with you to determine the fairest and most reasonable way of resolving the issue for the midwife and the woman.

If you decide to meet a request it is important that this is seen as an acknowledgement of the woman’s dissatisfaction and as an expression of good faith and not an admission of any liability.

It is not to say that fees should be waived or expenses reimbursed every time there is a dissatisfied client. Each case must be considered on an individual basis.

We understand that you will want to deal with these requests quickly, but good management is the key to resolving any issues. Reimbursement does not always mean the end of a matter and it is important to talk to us about how to achieve the best conclusion.

Risk Management Tips

  1. There is no substitute for good ongoing communication
  2. Manage your client’s expectations from the beginning
  3. Provide detailed financial information at the first consultation
  4. If possible meet with the client face to face to discuss the request
  5. Always document your discussions.

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