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The Christmas and New Year period is a popular time to head off on well-deserved annual leave.

Ensuring that your clients are cared for while you are away takes a bit of planning, but we are here to give you some tips to make it as stress-free as possible.

1. Advance notice

  • Poster in the waiting room
  • Post a message on your website or other social media
  • During appointments leading up to your break provide instructions to clients and family on what to do if they require attention:
    – Call the midwife covering for you;
    – See their GP;
    – Present to the hospital where the birth is booked; and
    – Present to the emergency department of a hospital.

2. Advise your colleagues

  •  Identify someone you can rely on to cover you for required consultations or if there is an urgent matter
  • Handover and access to health records is paramount.

3. Handover care

  • Face-to-face with colleague covering
  • In writing
    – Ensure health records are up to date; and
    – Provide written instructions where required.

Holidays are an important factor in maintaining your work/life balance and for preparing for the coming year. Taking these few steps will give you peace of mind while you are enjoying a break.

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