Healthcare practices that provide a broad range of medical and other health services may be particularly attractive to patients. This is because they are aimed at delivering a team approach to healthcare across multiple disciplines in one location. These practices may also be more cost effective given the potential reduction in the cost of shared resources.

What does this mean though for the professional risks of the practice? How does the practice ensure that it is appropriately managing its risks? Is the practice confident it is appropriately protected when there are multiple specialties, healthcare professionals and other staff at work?

Doctors may be employed, or they may be engaged as contractors or as locums. What is the practice’s responsibility to ensure they are all appropriately covered? What does the practice require in terms of insurance obligations when it engages doctors? How does the practice document this and ensure compliance?

The practice may have similar requirements in relation to other healthcare professionals and other staff that it engages. Some of these may have an entitlement to personal insurance cover via their respective professional associations, however, it may be difficult to obtain clarity on the terms and conditions of these.

The reality for multidisciplinary practices is that their professional risk may be more complex, more difficult to manage and expose the practice to even greater risk because of the range of doctors, other healthcare professionals and staff providing the healthcare services and the range of insurance covers the practice will rely on.

In the event of a claim or complaint, the practice may be at risk if appropriate insurance arrangements are not in place. This can become particularly difficult if the claim is brought against multiple healthcare providers in the practice.

It is extremely important for any practice to ensure it has appropriate insurance in place, and this can be even more important for multidisciplinary practices.

MIGA’s Professional Indemnity Insurance for Healthcare Companies is specifically designed to cover healthcare practices irrespective of their complexity. We can advise practices in relation to their specific needs, however unique.

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