How will you manage your risks in 2021?

The time has come to start planning how you are going to complete the MIGA Risk Management Program this year. Under the Federal Government Scheme there is a requirement that you participate in Risk Management Education. This year we have two new offerings to help make it easy for you to fulfil that requirement and give you a 10% discount on your premium when you renew in June 2022.

Digital Health for Midwives

  • The newly launched National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework has been incorporated into a new online workshop ‘Digital Health for Midwives’
  • The workshop provides insight into the risks associated with all things digital health including medical records, electronic forms of communication, mobile medical devices and social media
  • Furthering your understanding of the benefits and risks of the variety of digital sources of information that impact the care you provide is in the best interests of the women in your care, your practice and yourself.

Midwife Health & Wellbeing

  • Looking after your own health can be a challenge. A busy midwife will generally have the wellbeing of the women they care for as their first consideration
  • The World Medical Association has recently acknowledged that you need to make looking after your own health and wellbeing a priority in order to provide optimal care to your clients
  • Completing the three stages of this Practice Support offering, provides you with 10 Risk Management Points and will provide us with valuable information on where we can provide further education and support
    ✔️ Complete the self-assessment
    ✔️ Attend an online peer review session
    ✔️ Complete an action plan documenting the changes you are going to make to improve your health and wellbeing.

Watch out for further communications from the Risk Management team about the launch of the new Risk Management Program to find options for booking into either one of these, and to explore the other activities available.

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